Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indigo Children

When someone, especially a child, doesn't behave the way society expects people want to put a label on them.  They want an explanation, and most often they want a "cure".  It is hard to deny that there seem to be more and more children who would fit the traditional, medical definition of ADD, ADHD, Hyperactive, Aspergers, PDD, Autism Spectrum, etc.  It seems like an epidemic. There certainly is something going on.  Whether there are more cases today, or we are just more aware, or what, I am not sure.   Often these children are labeled, medicated, enrolled in special ed, and therefore fixed.  They have been properly processed, so everyone is absolved of guilt and responsibility.

In the alternative medicine world, they are still labeled, but not necessarily "processed" .  They are referred to as Indigo children, Rainbow children, or Crystal children.  It is a kinder, gentler, prettier sort of label, but still a label.  They are thought to be a new, emerging personality type,  coming to change the world.  They are born ready, willing and able to challenge authority, and exert their will.  They are here to usher in the future.  Which of course is true, for all children, they are the future leaders of the world.  That's just how life works. :)

In my opinion, and experience, labels don't matter in the SimplyHealed menu.  If a child is having a hard time, or a parent is having a hard time with a child, (Sometimes the kids is happy as can be, but still driving the parents crazy.) a SimplyHealed session could offer much needed help.  Their energy knows what is needed.  Maybe there is nothing wrong with the child, it's just a relationship imbalance and a little shift will set things right.

While we can be roughly categorized into groups based on our behavior, or problems, we are all unique individuals.  No two of us are exactly alike.  Our prescription or path to happiness is not the same, even if we share the same label.  Energy work is awesome, especially SimplyHealed.  There is no need to define, or label, just move what needs moved, and lives improve.

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  1. As someone who has worked exclusively with intuitive people of all ages over the past ten years, it is very refreshing to see these words. Labels tend to stagnate things because once the label is assigned the individual tends to stop. They believe that the label is what they are and no other possibilities are considered. Here, we tell people that their name is sufficient as a label and not to worry about the others. Once a sad parent told me that her child could not possibly be "indigo" because he did not have blonde eyes and blue eyes. What a disservice the media has done!

    Anyway, nice job here!