Q ~  How long is a private session?
A ~ Our standard sessions are 50 minutes.

Q ~ What is the cost for a private session?
A ~ Private sessions are $80.

Q ~ What happens in a private session?
A ~ During a private session all works is accomplished through conversation and the movement of energy.  Physical contact between practitioner and client is not necessary. Energy work is not limited in anyway by geography.  Private sessions can be via telephone, or in person.  The client determines the issues to work on and the practitioner uses the methods of SimplyHealedTM to uncover and release energetic blocks.  Negative energetic patterns are replaced with positive.

Q ~ I am concerned about a loved one.  Do they have to have a private session of there own?
A ~ No, energy work can be dedicated to another person.  You can do a session on behalf of someone else.

Q ~ What is "generational clearing"?
A ~
"When you release a generational issue, it clears backward through the lineage to the original ancestor; sideways to siblings and cousins; and forward to your children, grandchildren and future posterity. We are literally pulling that flawed thread out of the tapestry of the entire family tree."

- Carolyn Cooper - SimplyHealed.com(tm)

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