What is Energy Healing?

Some of life's experiences make such an impact on us, that we carry the energy of them with us long after the actual experience is over. When those experiences are negative, they can impact our lives in unproductive ways. Letting the negative energy of our past remain with us can cause problems in our present. It may manifest as illness, emotional problems, or relationship difficulties.

Our bodies contain multiple energy fields that effect our well being in dramatic ways. Energy healing uses various methods to detect and release the destructive energetic debris that can become trapped. When these energetic blocks are released, our bodies are better able to heal themselves, and good health can return.

Letting go of negative, false beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in can free us to live a more peaceful and joyful life. Uncovering hidden energetic blocks will unleash your potential to accomplish goals and fulfill your life's mission.

At Life With Clarity we are certified practitioners of SimplyHealedTM. SimplyHealedTM is a gentle, and efficient energy healing modality. The work is accomplished through conversation between practitioner and client. There is no need for a physical connection. All work is done on an energetic level. Because of this, private sessions can be done in person or over the telephone. Energy work is not limited by geography.

SimplyHealed™ Certified Practitioner Badge